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DVR Examiner 2.0 is Now Available!

July 28,2017 /

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I’m so excited to share the latest generation of DVR Examiner with you. This is more than just another update – it’s a brand new framework designed to improve your experience and allow us to implement support for even more DVRs in less time. I’d like to thank all our users for your feedback and ideas since DVR Examiner 1.0 was launched a little over 3 years ago. We value and appreciate your support!

In 2.0, our team has worked hard to incorporate your feedback and implement new features that make DVR Examiner even more efficient and easier to use. We specifically focused on adding and improving features that have a direct effect on helping you find, review, organize, and export your videos of interest.

We’ll be highlighting lots of new features and functionality over the coming months, but here are some highlights:

  • Brand new user interface that offers more flexibility and better support for high resolution displays.
  • Better scanning experience
    • Live updating Clip List – No more waiting until the end to see all of the clips – we’ll populate the list of clips as we find them. See something you like? Go ahead and preview it, right in the middle of the scan.
    • Scan options – just need the last 8 hours of recordings exported? Set up an export before scanning and we’ll kick off your export as soon as the scan completes. There are lots more options available as well.
    • Scanning starts in the background while you enter any case notes. Go ahead, be as detailed as you want – we’re working behind the scenes.
  • New Integrated Video Preview
    • Open multiple preview windows – even on separate monitors.
    • If it’s available, we’ll show you frame-by-frame timestamps – you can even overlay metadata on the video window if you want (great for those DVRs that don’t burn in the timestamp). Don’t like the position of the overlay? Move it, or change the color to make it easier to read.
    • Optional aspect ratio adjustment is available for those videos that might need it. No more SUVs morphed into cross-overs!
    • Enter notes while you’re reviewing video – it’ll be saved in the Clip List when you’re done.
    • Found the perfect frame of your subject to put on TV? Go ahead and grab a still image at the native resolution with no additional compression. We’ll even include the timestamp overlay if you have it visible.
  • Export Improvements
    • Individual clip statuses so you can see exactly where in the export process you are currently.
    • Queue up multiple export jobs to run consecutively
    • Already started an export but now someone wants to watch a clip? You can now preview video in the middle of exporting. Once the preview is loaded, we’ll get right back to exporting for you.
  • A few small, but often requested features:
    • The format of the date/time information can finally be customized – international users rejoice!
    • Choose from several export folder organization options – we won’t leave you with 100,000+ files in a single folder anymore!
    • Forget the plug in your dongle? It happens. You can now check for it after DVR Examiner starts. No more restarts!

Detection Results Screen.png

For an even bigger list of new features and improvements, be sure to check out the release notes.

Despite the massive amount of testing we performed, we fully expect there will be bugs. If you find them, we want to know! Please send them to with as much information as possible, or give us a call (800-413-0363, option 2) to discuss your issue in more detail. I’d ask you to please be patient with our team as we work to address these as quickly as possible. We’ll be releasing updates regularly as we address issues and work to improve the stability and performance of certain features, In fact, just today we released version 2.0.1 to address several issues, so if you haven’t updated, please download it now!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you at an upcoming conference or training course!


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