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Top 5 Things to Ask About Digital and Multimedia Evidence

February 27,2015  /  
Jason Latham  /  

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At DME Forensics, we get clients from all different spectrums of the professional gambit, from detectives to prosecutors, lawyers and insurance representatives – it is a good cross-section of the criminal and civil litigation worlds. As we talk with these individuals about their cases involving digital multimedia evidence, there seems to be some repeating themes which arise. Typically when someone calls us, we spend approximately 30 to 40 minutes conducting an “impromptu” training session on digital and multimedia evidence. These conversations seem to lead to the same types of questions and misconceptions. With that in mind, in this blog post we’re going to explore some of the more common and repeating questions/concerns we have received over the years to better educate first responders and professionals in dealing with digital and multimedia evidence.

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