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Surveillance DVRs – Shut down or pull the plug?

April 4,2017  /  

DVR Forensics  /  


Ever since I’ve been involved in digital & multimedia evidence, the traditional computer forensics community has been engaged in an ongoing debate. When you arrive on scene to a running computer, do you pull the plug or do you conduct an orderly shutdown of the computer?


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Does DVR Examiner support systems with RAID?

May 3,2016  /  

DVR Examiner,  /   DVR Forensics  /  


You are recovering video from a DVR system with multiple hard drives and the manual tells you that the system uses RAID - can DVR Examiner help you?

Before attempting the recovery, you should investigate a little further to determine the best course of action.

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Analysis of Hikvision Date/Time

February 25,2016  /  

Forensic DVR Recovery,  /   DVR Forensics  /  


When it comes to adding support for new DVRs into DVR Examiner, or recovering video manually for a laboratory case, understanding the proprietary metadata of a given DVR filesystem is critical. 

While I will be posting a series of posts over the next few months on understanding the proprietary structure of DVR filesystems, I wanted to share some information about Hikvision systems that was recently requested. 

Most DVR filesystems store key metadata in 2 different places: the index(es) and at the beginning of each frame. In the case of the Hikvision-based systems, the index information is stored at the end of each data block, and provides a date time range per channel for the clips within that block. In this metadata, the date time is stored as a traditional Unix epoch timestamp (seconds since 1970). However, the date/time metadata at the frame level is stored in a very different manner. 

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What forensic video analysis system should I buy?

April 10,2015  /  

Technical Posts,  /   Forensic DVR Recovery  /  


Two questions I am often asked are “What type of forensic video analysis system should I buy?” and “I have “X” system and I’m really comfortable with it, should I get another one or is there something better out there?”. I’ve answered this enough times that I figured I’d actually put it down in a blog post. As you’ll see, my goal in this post isn’t to recommend one specific system over another, but to present some things for you to consider when looking to acquire a new system.

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Video Playback Stuck in VLC?

March 6,2015  /  

Technical Posts,  /   Forensic DVR Recovery,  /   DVR Forensics  /  


Occasionally, you will encounter video clips that only appear to display the first frame when played in VLC. When this occurs the progress bar continues to move but no additional video frames appear to be displayed. “Scrubbing” across the video will sometimes allow you to move to a certain position beyond the first frame, but even this doesn’t always work. We recently had a DVR Examiner user ask us about this. They were reviewing AVI files exported from DVR Examiner and some of them played fine in VLC and some simply froze at the first frame.

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