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DVR Examiner 1.0 Released

June 16,2014 /

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DME Forensics is excited to announce the highly anticipated release of DVR Examiner version 1.0! This release brings a significant number of features and improvements. This release includes an enhanced and easier to use user interface, as well as a refined backend which provides improved performance, faster integration with future filesystems and updates.

With this release we eliminated the multiple editions of DVR Examiner. Instead of having a Professional and Enterprise edition, we have combined the features into a unified DVR Examiner.

Some key highlights of this release include:

  • Simplified and Enhanced User Interface
    • Theming: Choose between the default Black, Blue, and Silver user interface themes.
    • Simplified Export Queue: Want to export clips? Just check the box. No more moving clips between the Clip List and Export Queue.
    • Improved Filtering Engine: We have redesigned the Clip List backend to provide faster filtering, as well as allowing you to set multiple filters and apply them all at once instead of having to wait for the previous filters to update.
  • Faster Detection of DVRs
    • By modifying the way we interact with the DVR source data, we are able to detect your source data significantly faster.
  • Disk Imaging
    • You can now create a forensically sound raw image (dd) of a physical disk directly from within DVR Examiner.
  • Segmented raw image support
    • DVR Examiner can now process segmented raw images as a source image.
  • DVR Profiler Updates
    • We have enhanced DVR Profiler in an effort to implement new DVR filesystems more quickly.
    • The ability to automatically send DVR Profiler Reports to DME Forensics.
  • Proprietary Player Downloads
    • Players for supported DVR filesystems can be automatically downloaded from the DME Forensics Support Portal on export.
  • DVR Filesystem Support
    • Added support for the dx_MBR filesystem commonly found in Veraz, Secutron, CRC, and other unbranded ‘Made in Korea’ DVRs.
    • Added detection of several new filesystems pending full support.
  • Session Save & Load
    • Enhanced save & load process to provide significant time savings during save & load operations.
    • NOTE: Due to these enhancements, saved sessions created in previous versions are not compatible with DVR Examiner 1.0.

In order to give everyone a chance to try DVR Examiner 1.0, we are offering the opportunity to sign up for an additional 30-day free trial. In order to give the full DVR Examiner experience, we have uploaded a series of unrestricted sample dd images which allow the user to take advantage of the full capabilities of DVR Examiner.

We have also made updates to the DME Forensics Support Portal. Users now have the ability to upload their DVR Profiler Report to request new DVR Support, as well as provide feedback on which DVRs work, and which do not via the DVR Feedback Form.