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July 14,2014 /

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DVR Examiner Version 1.1 Released

We've been working hard this past month and version 1.1 is now ready to go. You can head over to the Support Portal to download the new version.

In this release we have added support for 6 new DVR filesystems:

  • SSF_e and SSF_x, commonly found in Samsung DVRs
  • WFS, commonly found in WinBook, Vonnic, ElecCCTV, and others
  • TangoMagic, commonly found in ADT DVRs
  • DHFS_41, commonly found in Gen IV, Dahua, and others
  • ZLAV, commonly found in "H.264 Network DVRs" and other unbranded DVRs

In addition to the newly supported filesystems above, we have added detection for 6 additional filesystems. These filesystems will be implemented in future versions of DVR Examiner. As always, if you encounter a DVR that we do not currently detect, please submit a DVR Profiler report to us so we can work to get it implemented.

Some other key improvements and fixes in version 1.1:

  • Speed Improvements: We have enhanced the way we handle the detection and scan process, leading to a significant improvement in the time it takes to detect and scan a DVR
  • DVR Profiler: We tweaked the way DVR Profiler runs on unidentified DVRs to give us more insight into a particular DVR filesystem
  • Addressed an error when loading/refreshing physical disks: Thanks to feedback from our users, we traced this issue to the way older write-blockers were presenting physical disks to the system. We improved our handling of these situations, while also improving the loading speed of physical disks

We have a 30-day free trial on our website; download Version 1.1 and give it a try! If you have an expired trial and you'd like to try version 1.1, let us know!