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DVR Examiner 1.19.1 - Support for Everfocus, Pelco, Bosch and many other DVRs [Updated]

February 1,2016 /

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DVR Examiner 1.19.0

Good afternoon everyone! We have just put the finishing touches on the latest update for DVR Examiner, and we are starting the year off with a big one!

Within this update we have added 4 new filesystems, improved the support for multiple filesystems, and resolved some bugs. The new version is available for download right now on our Support Portal.

Updated 2/10/2016: We just released version 1.19.1, which fixes a few bugs and adds increased detection for mulitple filessytems. Please be sure to download the latest version!
  • Added support for the bn_MBR filesystem commonly found in unbranded 'black box' DVRs
  • Added support for the SA_X and SA_x_264 filesystems commonly found in Pelco and other DVRs
  • Added support for the ef_JPG filesystem commonly found in Everfocus, Bosch and other DVRs
  • Added detection for the SSF0_P filesystem commonly found in OpenEye and other DVRs
Streamlined and Improved Processing

In this update we put a lot of effort into improving the way DVR Examiner processes a DVR. For the most part, you probably won't notice much of a change, but these improvements will have a big impact on future updates. By streamlining these processes, we will able to more efficiently implement and update new filesystems.

Expanded Support

We have expanded detection and support for a few filesystems, resulting in support for new makes and models!

  • IFS: Commonly found in Lorex, Honeywell and Ganz DVRs
  • DM_264: Commonly found in Digimerge DVRs
  • ZLAV: Commonly found in LaView and many other DVRs
  • KSF_dc and KSF_RSF: Commonly found in Night Owl, Swann, Lorex, and many other DVRs, now has even better support for inaccessible recovery
  • And Many others

Along with these improvements we continue to fix any issues that we come across, as well as any issues reported by customers and free trial users alike. We always encourage feedback from all of our users! We'll try to fix any bugs that you find, and we do our best to cater to our users' needs to implement as many requests as possible.

DVR Examiner User Survey

As we continue working on DVR Examiner version 2.0, we want to be sure that we are focusing on the features and updates that will provide the biggest impact to our users. In order to help us make sure we are working on the right things, we have put together a survey with a handful of questions that will help guide us as we continue to improve DVR Examiner. All users should receive the survey in the next week or so.

Thanks for your continued interest and support!

If you have already purchased DVR Examiner or have an active free trial period:

Download DVR Examiner 1.19.1

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