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DVR Examiner 1.4

October 6,2014 /

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Hi Everyone,

Between wrapping up our conference season, DVR Examiner Fundamentals Training class, and DVR Examiner updates, September was a busy month here at DME Forensics.

DVR Examiner 1.4 has just gone live on our Support Portal, so be sure to download to the latest version. In this version we added one new file system, DRV_264_M, which is commonly found in GE TruVision DVRs. We have also added

  • 32 Channel System Support: Updated the interface and DHFS_41 filesystem to support 32 channel systems. Updates to existing filesystems will be coming.
  • 'Preview With' option: Users now have the option to preview a clip with multiple players installed on their system. DVR Examiner currently supports: System Default, Windows Media Player, VLC, GOM, and FFPlay.
  • DVR Profiler: We have improved the information provided by the DVR Profiler to better help us add support for new DVRs.
  • Update Notifications: DVR Examiner will now check for updates on startup. You can disable this feature in the Options menu.
  • Free Trial Preview & Export: We have added the ability to Preview and Export the first clip (ID: 1) while using a free trial.

We also squashed a couple of bugs:

  • Index Parsing: Updated the WFS, DRV, and blue_dc fiesystems to address issues with scanning the index in certain situations
  • Large Drive: Added support for larger drives in multiple filesystems.
  • Frame Rate: Addressed a frame rate calculator error in the image player.

You can see the full details of the updates, and grab an updated version from our support portal.