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DVR Examiner 1.5.1 Released

November 12,2014 /

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Hi Everyone,

We have a new release of DVR Examiner available, Version 1.5.1. It's available for download right now on our Support Portal.

In this version we added 5 new filesystems to DVR Examiner, here are the new additions:

  • EVF2 filesystem commonly found in EverFocus DVRs
  • ADVR filesystem commonly found in DigiMerge DVRs
  • 20D filesystem, commonly found in GE StoreSafe DVRs
  • Slave drive support for 20D filesystems
  • Slave drive support for 60D filesystems

In the area of bug fixes, we were able to squash quite a few on this round:

  • Added support for larger format hard drives using the SSF_e and SSF_x filesystems
  • Improved support for KSF_dc and KSF_RSF filesystems
  • Addressed a potential issue reading data from the WFS filesystem.
  • Addressed a potential issue reading data from the dx_MBR filesystem.
  • Improved the layout of the settings window and added user selectable logging options to the Settings window
  • The disk imaging window now automatically selects a hard drive previously selected in the main window
  • Improved performance and data collection for DVR Profiler
  • Updated the DVR Examiner user manual
  • Addressed a potential theming issue in the main window.

We hope you find these new updates helpful and hopefully we've solved some of your issues with this release. As always we encourage feedback from everyone, including free trial users, and we'll try to update and implement as many requests as possible. Make sure to head over to the Support Portal and give the new update a try!