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DVR Examiner 1.6 Released

December 8,2014 /

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We have a new version of DVR Examiner available for you, Version 1.6. This will be the last update of the calendar year, but don't worry, we'll be hard at work to bring you a new update early next year! Version 1.6 is available for download right now on our Support Portal.

In this version we added 7 new filesystems to DVR Examiner:

  • ef_264 filesystem commonly found in EverFocus DVRs - supports inaccessible data recovery
  • SSF_xm filesystem commonly found in Samsung DVRs
  • SS_MPEG filesystem commonly found in Samsung DVRs
  • SSF_xhi filesystem commonly found in Samsung DVRs
  • no_efi filesystem, commonly found in Night Owl DVRs
  • WFS2 filesystem, commonly found in GW Security DVRs and other unbranded DVRs
  • IXDVRDISK filesystem commonly found in Ganz, GW Security, and other unbranded DVRs

We also added detection for many more filesystems this version. We have these lined up to get fully supported in DVR Examiner, and we want to make sure you know that we're working on them.

We added quite a few new features this round, including the ability to let us know when you detect a DVR that is pending support. We are always looking for feedback on what DVRs you are encountering so you can help ensure we are appropriately prioritizing new DVR support. The DVR Profiler is still active as well, so keep those unknown DVRs coming in.

We also updated the new version checking. DVR Examiner will detect if the version you're running is the most current version, and if not, allow you to download the update. We want to make sure that you're getting the best and most up to date version of what we have to offer, and this will make it easier for you to get those updates.

Other added features:

  • Added the ability to select multiple clips (shift and control click) and calculate total size of selected clips (when available)
  • Available space is now checked prior to beginning a disk image

In the area of bug fixes, we were able to squash quite a few:

  • Improved and addressed issues with numerous existing supported filesystems
  • Improved performance and addressed issues within standard file system parsing
  • Addressed an issue related to GMT/timezone offset adjustments
  • Addressed an issue preventing the GOM Player from being used for previews
  • Made various improvements to DVR Profiler

Unfortunately there is still one bug that we didn't get fixed. When previewing and exporting clips from channel 16 from the SSF_e filesystem, you may see artifacting. We are working to track down this bug and will release an update once it is fixed! Please let us know if you encounter this issue.

We'll have another round of updates coming for you in early 2015. As always, we encourage feedback from everyone and we'll try to implement as many requests as possible. Make sure to head over to the Support Portal and download the new version!