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DVR Examiner 1.7.1 Released

January 19,2015 /

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Happy new year to everyone! As promised, we have a new update for DVR Examiner ready for you. Version 1.7.1 has 2 new filesystems and quite a few fixes and updates. It's available for download right now on our Support Portal.

In this version we added 2 new filesystems to DVR Examiner:

  • PictMan filesystem commonly found in LT Security, COP-USA, and unbranded DVRs
  • SZ_DC filesystem commonly found in NightOwl and Q-See DVRs

We've decided to transition to a different security dongle manufacturer this year, but don't worry, both the old and new dongles will continue to work with future versions of DVR Examiner so there's no treansition to worry about.

Here are some of the other features we've added:

  • Added the ability to go to the options window straight from the splash screen
  • Added the ability to update the license file from the options window
    • We always recommend that you keep up to date with the newest version of DVR Examiner, however if for some reason you need to stay at an older version your license will need to be updated periodically.
  • Added the ability to create a folder during the export process

We addressed quite a few issues this update as well, here are the details:

  • Addressed an issue with the camera number being reported within the SZ_DC and NO_EFI filesystems
  • Addressed an issue with frame rates 0.5 FPS or lower when previewing internally
  • Addressed an issue with the menu option to clear marks after exporting
  • Improved support for and addressed issues with the NO_EFI filesystem
  • Addressed an issue certain SSF based filesystems where the end of the final clip was incorrect
  • Addressed an issue when previewing with the internal preview window already open

As always, we encourage feedback from everyone and we'll try to implement as many requests as possible. Thanks for your continued interest and support, here's to a great new year! DVR Examiner 1.7.1 is available on the Support Portal now!