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DVR Examiner 1.8 Released

February 11,2015 /

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DVR Examiner 1.8 has been released! It has a new filesystem and 3 other filesystems have been expanded to cover more DVRs. We also have some improvements and new features for you in this version. It's available for download right now on our Support Portal.

For those customers that didn't see our last post, we've decided to transition to a different security dongle manufacturer this year, but don't worry, both the old and new dongles will continue to work with future versions of DVR Examiner so there's no transition to worry about.


In this version we added the hikfat filesystem to DVR Examiner, commonly found in Hikvision and Epcom DVRs. We focused mainly on fixing issues and usability during this update, but we do have more filesystems coming for you in the next version.

Improvements and New Features
  • Improved support KSF_dc and KSF_RSF filesystems to allow for use on more DVR models.
  • Improved detection for the Argus_JP2 filesystem to allow for use on more DVR models.
    • This means that we've added support for more DVRs, even though we haven't added a new filesystem!
  • Improved support for the NVR_dc, blue_dc, rec_264, LVF, pic_mp4, and L64 filesystems to allow for faster previewing and exporting.
  • Improved certain user interface elements for use on high DPI displays.

We also took some time out to consolidate and streamline parts of DVR Examiner, resulting in a 20% decrease in installer size and actual program size. You won't see any difference in how the program operates, just the difference in download and installation time.

Issues Addressed

All of these came from users, so keep that feedback coming in!

  • Addressed an issue with the SZ_dc and no_efi filesystems that potentially caused an incomplete clip listing.
  • Addressed an issue with the SSF_xhi filesystem that potentially caused inaccurate clips and sizes to be displayed.
  • Addressed an issue with reports from still image based DVRs when exporting a large number of images at a time.

As always, we encourage feedback from everyone and we'll try to implement as many requests as possible. Thanks for your continued interest and support!

If you have already purchased DVR Examiner or have an active free trial period, download DVR Examiner 1.8 on the Support Portal now!

Otherwise you can start a free trial using the button below!