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DVR Examiner 1.9 Released!

March 23,2015 /

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DVR Examiner 1.9 has been released! There are 3 new filesystems included in this version, and a bunch of other features added. It's available for download right now on our Support Portal.

  • Added support for the DM_264 filesystem commonly found in Digimerge, Dyezz, and other unbranded DVRs
  • Added support for the DM_MPEG filesystem commonly found in Digimerge, Cinturon, and other unbranded DVRs
  • Added support for the MHDR_264 filesystem commonly found in Digimerge DVRs
Improvements and New Features
  • Improved detection processes
  • Separated the "Support" tab in the Options window into "Updates & Licensing" and "Logging"
  • Improved saved sessions handling
  • Improved logging and error handling
  • Improved trial key processes and options
  • Further streamlining in advance of future version 2.0

Once again we've spent some time to consolidate and streamline parts of DVR Examiner, further reducing the program size. Along with making the program smaller, many of these improvements will come into play much more once we get closer to version 2.0!

Issues Addressed
  • Fixed a potential user interface issue with high DPI displays on some windows
  • Fixed several minor issues with several filesystems

As always, we encourage feedback from everyone. We'll try to fix any bugs we can and implement as many requests as possible. Thanks for your continued interest and support!

If you have already purchased DVR Examiner or have an active free trial period, download DVR Examiner 1.9 on the Support Portal now!

Otherwise you can start a free trial using the button below!