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DVR Examiner Free Trial Exporting and Previewing

October 6,2014 /

DVR Examiner /


We've gotten a lot of feedback that you want to be able to export and preview your own data in the free trial of DVR Examiner. In response to this feedback, version 1.4 of DVR Examiner opens up the ability for our free trial users to get a taste of what DVR Examiner can do with their own data. Free trial users can now preview or export the first clip (Clip ID 1) that appears on their drive.

  • For previewing, all you need to do is double click on the first clip and it will start up a preview as long as your filesystem supports previewing. We’ve also added a “Preview with…” function to the right click menu if you’d prefer to use VLC or FFplay for instance.
  • For export, you’ll need to check the Export check box of the first clip and then proceed through the normal process. This can also be done through the right click menu if you’d prefer. You can also download the associated proprietary player if there is one for your DVR.

**Please note that if you attempt to export multiple clips in the free trial, you’ll see a popup that tells you that you’re not permitted to preview or export in the trial version. Please make sure that only the first clip is selected for export.**

Our Sample Files will remain posted, as they can help you by demonstrating how easy it is to get multiple clips from drives, as well as the ease of the “Export All” function. The samples also make it easier to see how useful the report is in keeping all your clips organized once you export multiple clips at once.

We hope this will demonstrate how DVR Examiner will work with your specific data and make the decision to purchase DVR Examiner even easier.

If you haven't tried out DVR Examiner yet, you're missing out!