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March 30,2015 /

Getting Started With DVR Examiner /


Have you run into problems while using DVR Examiner? We have many options available to you to get answers to your questions and get help for any issues you're running into.

Support Tickets:

Remember when you downloaded your trial version of DVR Examiner? You used our Support Portal to do that. If you never had a free trial, odds are we've contacted you and set up a support portal account for you. If you head back to the support portal, you'll find there's a way to create a support ticket. These tickets go directly to our support team, and we strive to address any issues as soon as we can. At the very least you'll receive an acknowledgement of your issue within a business day. You can upload files with the ticket, and it keeps everything in one place.


We respond regularly to all email requests, and we try to keep the same schedule of responding to you within one business day. Emails and Support Tickets are generally our preferred method of providing support, as there's a record of what we've done to help you that might get lost over phone conversations. This way any one of our support staff can jump in and attempt to help starting from where the last person left off.


We're in the office and accepting phone calls from 7:30am-6:00m MST. The number to reach us is 1-800-413-0363. While we won't necessarily be able to solve your issue while we're on the phone with you we will do our best to help while we're on the line. Sometimes it can be easier to try multiple things over the phone, or for you to explain your situation more clearly.

DVR Requests:

If your DVR is not supported, we do take feedback from all our users as to the DVRs that they're running into that aren't fully supported yet. Sometimes that involves using the DVR Profiler, and sometimes it's as simple as dropping us an e-mail saying that you ran into a specific filesystem. New in version 1.6 we've added a button to submit feedback on "support pending" filesystems. The more information you can give us about the DVR the more easily we can help you. We'll give you any information we have estimating a time to implementation, but we work in a very fluid environment, and sometimes things change quickly. We'll do our best to keep you updated if you request it.

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