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February 23,2015 /

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Having trouble with the DVR Examiner Free Trial?
You're not alone

As of January more than 350 people have received a DVR Examiner trial key. Unfortunately, for most of those people, we dropped the ball. We gave you your key, sent you to the download page and let you figure it out for yourself. While we have had a few trial users who have reached out to us with some great questions, and a few with some bugs, there are probably still people who are having trouble, but never reach out.

As it stands right now, aside from the manual, you are on your own for getting started and figuring out how to use DVR Examiner. We have FAQs in multiple places with many questions that are out of date and unless you ask we do not offer a whole lot of resources. Now it is time for us to make it better.

Introducing the DVR Examiner Getting Started Series

Starting next week, we will begin posting our getting started blog series. These will be a series of weekly-ish posts that will provide explanations, walkthroughs and tips for getting started with DVR Examiner and using it to its fullest potential.

Some of the topics included will be:

  • What is a DVR Filesystem and why does this matter?
  • Physical and Logical sources
  • Sample Files
  • Saving and Loading sessions
  • And many others

Our goal with the Getting Started Series is to make sure you have the resources you need to use DVR Examiner, and to help you explore all of its features. So, as we start rolling out the new blog posts, we would love to hear from you! If you have any tips & tricks or ideas for more guides, shoot us an email, or leave a comment on one of our posts.

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