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New Website!

August 22,2014 /

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Hey everyone!

We've been working on redesigning our website not only to make it more attractive, but to make sure we make it easy to get what you need from it as quickly and easily as possible.

Support Portal

We've redesigned the support portal based on customer feedback that it was difficult to get to the free trial for DVR Examiner. While you'll still need to sign up for an account we're going to get you to the downloads much more quickly afterward.

Not only have we made it easier to get to everything you need, we've added more functionality to the support portal as well including requesting DVRs, FAQs, and submitting a support ticket to have us fix any issue you may have.

Main Site

We've redesigned our main DME Forensics site to clarify the types of services we offer:

  • Laboratory Services, which deals mainly with court cases and evidence;
  • Consulting, which deals with non-evidentiary services and includes laboratory accreditation and expert witness services;
  • Training, which we're in the process of updating, contains all our courses and upcoming events including conferences and training;
  • Software, which has some free forensic tools like CamSort and FrameAverage as well as the basics on DVR Examiner.

We've also split DVR Examiner into it's own webpage so it's even easier to get all the information you need on DVR Examiner.

DVR Examiner Site

We're excited to have a site dedicated to DVR Examiner, and we think it will be an upgrade both visually and functionally for our customers. Make sure you take a look!