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Saving and Loading DVR Examiner Sessions

April 13,2015 /

Getting Started With DVR Examiner /


Did you know that DVR Examiner has the ability to save and load DVR Examiner sessions? This can be a real time saver on a larger hard drive or image, as sometimes it can take a while to scan one, especially if you're scanning for inaccessible data. The best part? Save sessions from the trial version work with the full version!

Saving a Session

Saving your session is easy, and it's highly recommended as a time saver. When you save your session, you save the clip list as it is, including which clips are marked for export. Say you've done a bunch of work figuring out which clips you want to grab from a 2TB+ hard drive. With some filesystems we've seen over 400,000 clips on a 2 TB hard drive! You've marked a lot of clips for export, and you're most of the way done, but you need to look at the clips for one more day to see if you need any of those. Of course at that moment, you get called away for an urgent matter. You could leave DVR Examiner up on the computer, and hope that nothing happens, but Murphy's Law is merciless. We recommend that you save your DVR Examiner session and be protected if the power goes out, or your coworker "accidentally" unplugs your computer! All you need to do is go up to the 'File' menu at the top, and click on save session. It prompts you where to put the ".dx" file and what to call it. After that you click save and you're done.

Saving a DVR Examiner Session

Loading a Session

Loading is also very easy, and can be done from the 'Source Window' or the first screen after the loading screen. Just click the 'Load Existing Session' radio button, and then click 'Load' at the bottom right. DVR Examiner will ask you to locate your .dx file first, and if the original disk image or hard drive has been moved to a new location, it will ask you to point to that as well. After that it loads up your clip list window exactly as you left it. It can still take a little time to pull up your whole clip list if you have a large drive, but it's usually only a couple minutes at most.

Loading a DVR Examiner Session

One of the original reasons we opened up this option was to make it easier to transition from the trial version to a full version without having to spend the time re-scanning the source drive. All you need to do is save your session before the trial expires, and just use that ".dx" file to load up your session on the full version after you've purchased it!

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