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The DVR Examiner Options Window

June 9,2015 /

Getting Started With DVR Examiner /


We want DVR Examiner to complement your workflow and make your life easier. Not everyone works in the same method, and the DVR Examiner options window is the place to go to customize DVR Examiner and make it your own. This window allows you to change settings on how DVR Examiner looks, auto fills selected data fields, and settings regarding the export report. We'll go through many of the options available and what they do in this post, however if you want to learn how to fully utilize DVR Examiner, we offer a DVR Examiner User Certification course you should consider. Screenshots are from version 1.11.

Appearance Tab

The first option on this tab allows you to limit the number of recent images that are stored in the dropdown menu for recent sources, or disable it altogether. We like the default setting of ten, as it means you don't have to go browsing all over to find an image that you used just the other day. If you have privacy concerns like other users seeing the recent files that you've been working on, we provide the option to limit or disable the history.

The 'Other' section of the appearance tab has options to streamline or allow you more control of how DVR Examiner works with you.

The first option will show you the support notes for the filesystem as soon as it detects, making it easy to see any unique aspects of the filesystem you'll be dealing with. Some filesystems don't allow preview for instance, and it can be helpful to know that ahead of time!

The second option, once again is for privacy concerns. We normally prefer to have the user remembered from the previous use, but sometimes you'll have another user using the same workstation and having that autofill can be counter-productive.

The third option here needs a little explanation, we've created a player in DVR Examiner that can string together images from image based DVRs. Our player has extra controls including adjustable frame rate. Some labs are required to use only certain video and image players. In those situations you can disable our player.

Did you know there are choices of themes in DVR Examiner?

We have options for a light blue theme that goes well with some of the default Windows 7 colors, and a silver one that's a bit lighter than the dark theme that is used by default. Try them out and see what you think!

Reporting Tab

The reporting tab is fairly self-explanatory, check the box to include each of the items in the final report. We check them all by default, however if you find the reports are too long and your agency doesn't need all the information we provide, you can disable some of it here.

Updates & Licensing Tab

Items in this tab deal with how DVR Examiner handles its updates, and whether or not to warn you if your license is expiring and when. If you're internet connected on your DVR Examiner workstation, we recommend keeping the top option checked, as that will notify you when there's been a new release posted to our Support Portal. This way you can keep up to date with the newest versions without having to remember to look for new updates. If you've decided not to update to the most recent version and have told DVR Examiner not to remind you about the new versions, you can check or uncheck the second option to change that setting.

The next two options, 'Automatically Update License Database' and 'Display License Warnings' allow you to control how DVR Examiner updates your license database from our Support Portal. If you're internet connected, we highly recommend you keep the automatic update option checked, as sometimes the manual updating process can be confusing. These options only apply to the license database, and don't affect your actual subscription information. If you stay up to date with the most recent versions this won't be a concern for you either way. You can read more about the license database here

Network Dongles are something the we're working on developing, stay tuned to the releases and our blog to find out more about this option in the future.

The next two buttons allow you to manually check our Support Portal for updates. The first button checks for a new version of DVR Examiner, which is normally done at program start, and the second allows you to manually check for an updated license file. In most cases you won't need to use these buttons, but we've provided them just in case.

The bottom half of this tab is only going to be used in very limited circumstances, and usually will involve direct instructions from one the support team members. As these are not commonly used, we won't be covering them in this blog post.

Logging Tab

One of the most important sections should you ever need support with DVR Examiner is the Logging tab. Here you can change the level of logging done by DVR Examiner. If you happen to run into an issue while using DVR Examiner, the more logs you have the easier it makes our job to find out what happened and how we can fix it.

There are 3 selectable options as of version 1.11. 'Application Errors' puts in the log only the large scale errors that happen, and gives the support team little to go on to fix your issue. 'User Actions' Gives us more information into what the program was requested to do before the error, i.e. mounting a physical disk, or exporting a proprietary file. 'Debug' is the most thorough option and gives the support team and engineers the best shot to address any issue you may come across. You don't need to run with the debug logging on at all times, but when you contact support we might request that you use this ground level debugging option. It doesn't change the user interface at all, it just provides us with the best information on what processes are running in the program at the time of the error.


Finally make sure that you click save when you're done with these tabs, otherwise your changes won't take effect. Some options require that the program restarts before they take effect, you'll get a message to that effect when you've changed an option that requires a program restart. Enjoy customizing DVR Examiner to fit you!

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