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Have You Tried the Sample Files?

March 23,2015 /

Getting Started With DVR Examiner /


In an effort to help you get the full experience from DVR Examiner, we have put together a handful of sample forensic disk images that you can use with DVR Examiner.

While we recently added the ability for trial users to preview and export the first clip from any supported CCTV DVR hard drive, our sample files still offer the best insight into what the preview and export features are really capable of.

Our sample files include most common video types found in DVRs (h.264 video, image based, and proprietary systems). When used with the trial version of DVR Examiner, these samples can be previewed, and exported without restrictions so you can see the full value of DVR Examiner.

Sounds Good, how do I use the sample files?

  • Find the sample files you wish to preview on our Support Portal.
  • Download and extract the zip files to a directory you can easily access.
    • Note: Please do not change the file name, DVR Examiner uses this to validate the sample files.
  • Start DVR Examiner, if you haven't already done so, enter in your trial key.
  • Select the Raw (dd) Image File radio button and select Browse
  • Find and open the extracted sample file you wish to use and select Detect.
  • Review the filesystem details provided by DVR Examiner. These outline what functions are available for a given filesystem. Press 'Continue' when you are ready.
  • You can enter in case details if you wish. These details will be used for the Export Report. Press 'Scan' to begin scanning the file.
  • Once DVR Examiner completes the scan, the Clip List will be displayed. From here you can feel free to Preview and Export all clips and explore the entire application.

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