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Updating DVR Examiner

March 2,2015 /

Getting Started With DVR Examiner /


Hi Everyone,

This is your friendly reminder to take advantage of the updates to DVR Examiner! We make sure to keep updating DVR Examiner with new filesystems and new features, but there's another reason to keep your program updated. If you have an older version of DVR Examiner, periodically the license database will go out of date. This doesn't mean that your subscription has expired, it just means that you need to update the program. We'll cover how to update the program below, as well as another option if you prefer not to update the program itself.

If you're on a trial version, you won't need to worry about the license database, as it only contains information for full subscribers, however there's a good chance we'll release a new version of DVR Examiner during your trial window, so you might want to see what the new version adds!

Updating DVR Examiner

There are several different ways to update the program, most are very simple. If you're internet connected, DVR Examiner can get a new version of the program directly from our support portal. In the more recent versions, DVR Examiner will actually prompt you to go get a new version once we've released it. If your license database is expired, you'll be stopped at the splash loading screen. in the more recent versions, we have included a button to go to the 'Options' menu from the splash screen, click that button.

Options Window - Licensing Tab

On the third tab over, labelled 'Updates & Licensing' there are two buttons about halfway down the tab. The first one on the left checks for updates to DVR Examiner itself. If for some reason you don't want to update the program, the button on the right will allow you to download a new license database that should allow you to get into the program. We'll cover more options for this later.

If you're NOT internet connected, there are still easy methods to get the newest software. The easiest way is likely the same way you got started with DVR Examiner, our Support Portal. Log in, and if you clicked the link it will take you straight to the Downloads page.

Support Portal -> Downloads -> DVR Examiner

The latest version will be available on first section, in the upper left. Once you have that file saved, you'll just need to install it as you would any program.

Updating your License Database

The license database is how we keep track of who has an active subscription, and it's necessary to update it from time to time. Most of the time this will be taken care of by getting the latest version of DVR Examiner. If for some reason you don't want to update the program itself, there are ways to update just the license database.

Once again, if you're internet connected and have a fairly recent version of DVR Examiner, DVR Examiner can do the heavy lifting for you. Just visit the options window as described above, and click the 'Update License Database' button in the lower right.

If you have an older version of DVR Examiner or are not internet connected, you may have to do a little more work. We have the license file on our Support Portal as well, and it is also in the DVR Examiner Section. Once you've downloaded the license database, you have two options to get in into the program. If you have a more recent version, you can go to the options window, then the support tab, and use the 'Update License Database' button. Once you click the 'Update License Database' button, you'll need to click on the import button instead of the 'Update Now' button. Just point the program to the file you downloaded and DVR Examiner will take care of the rest.

If you're comfortable with the inner workings of Windows, you can also just copy the file in manually. You just need to replace the dvrexaminer.lic file with the newer version. This file is in C:/Program Files (x86)/DVR Examiner/ if you used the default install location.


Hopefully this will help you keep up to date with DVR Examiner in the way that best suits you. Just keep in mind that if you choose to run an older version of the program, you may not get the best experience that we have to offer, and we'll almost always have more DVRs supported in every version!

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