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Colorado Here We Come!

August 23,2016 /

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DME Forensics is excited to announce that we will be relocating our corporate headquarters and training center from Manassas Park, Virginia to the Denver, Colorado metro area!



As many of you may know, a portion of the team at DME Forensics works from satellite locations. By relocating our office, we will begin the efforts to bring our entire team under one roof. In addition to getting everyone under the same roof, we will be gaining more space to allow us to expand our team to better support our users and clients. 

The move will be taking place during the fourth quarter and we hope to be fully up and running in our new headquarters by the new year! We do plan to continue with regular operations during the move and will continue to provide our same level of support and updates as normal. 

Once we get closer to the move, we will share more updates and hopefully some pictures of the new office. 

We will be closing the Virginia office, but we do still have plans to continue to host training clases on the east coast, so for all of you in this area, stay tuned for updates on our 2017 training calendar. 

For those of you located in the Denver area, once we get up and running, we will be hosting an open house early in 2017, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

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