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Convincing Your Agency to Buy DVR Examiner

April 19,2017 /

DVR Examiner /


You are frustrated with the time it takes to process DVRs and you need a way to access DVRs that are broken or have unknown passwords.  You learn about DVR Examiner and you think that it is the perfect solution. You tell your supervisor you are going to buy new software and they give you the go ahead just like that.  It’s that simple, right?  We all know how challenging it can be to convince your agency to make a purchase. Before approaching the decision-maker in your department, put yourself in their shoes by asking the questions that will matter the most to them.

Will it save us money?

The person who makes the decision about purchases is most likely the person who is responsible for Money Sign.png
the overall budget. Therefore, the most important thing to them is how they can save money.  Share with them how DVR Examiner can save your department/company money.  It can take hours, days or even weeks to retrieve clips from a DVR.  With DVR Examiner, you can detect, scan, preview and export clips from the same DVR with just a few clicks, often in a fraction of the time.


Will it do something we can’t already do?

Your agency is already hesitant to spend money on new software, so you need to ensure them that it is necessary to do your job.  While there are time consuming ways to process DVRs without DVR Examiner, this software will assist you with other challenges you can face when working with DVRs.


Unknown Passwords - By working with the DVR hard drive directly, DVR Examiner eliminates the need for any passwords or menus.

BadPassword 2.jpg

Non-Working DVRs – DVR Examiner can recover the data from thousands of supported DVRs – even if the original DVR doesn’t work or is destroyed. You just need a working hard drive from the system and you’re set.”


Will it make us look good?

The person in charge of purchasing at your agency is responsible for the reputation for your business/department. Let them know how DVR Examiner can help them look good! 

We know that everyone who works in this field has a full case load.  DVR Examiner can save you valuable time by working directly with the hard drive to recover data from the DVRs. The time you save using DVR Examiner will allow you to find your evidence quicker to get cases closed.Silly Photos-4.jpg

It is also important when working with evidence to ensure that you do not make any changes to it. DVR Examiner is a forensically sound method to recover video from the DVR that prevents any unintended changes to the evidence.

When you recover video from the DVR directly, the DVR is powered on, which creates a potential for unintended changes. While you are in the process of exporting video, the DVR could be in the process of overwriting that video. Additionally, given the unreliable nature of many DVRs, it is possible for a system malfunction or user error to result in unintended changes or deletion of the video.

With DVR Examiner, the DVR itself is powered off, and the hard drive is being accessed using a write-blocker. This allows DVR Examiner to recover the video from the hard drive, without any chance of accidentally modifying the data. Then, when you are done, you can simply put the hard drive back in the DVR, turn it on, and the DVR continues to function as normal.

We understand that many of you are ready to purchase DVR Examiner, but are waiting for approval. Let us know how we can help!  If you have other questions that you would like answered or you or your supervisor would like to get a demo of DVR Examiner, you can contact us by clicking here.






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