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Supporting the Wounded Warrior Project

April 6,2017 /

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We are happy to announce that DME Forensics has become a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project. As a company that was co-founded by a veteran, we understand the struggles and impacts that our wounded warriors and their families face as a result of their service to our country and we are honored to be able to support such a noble cause.

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A message from our President of Laboratory Services and Co-Founder, Jason Latham. 

"As a wounded Iraq Veteran and previous Executive Officer at the Fort Sill Warrior Transition Unit (WTU), I have seen firsthand the good work the Wounded Warrior Project does.  While in the WTU, I was afforded the opportunity to participate in an internship program at the FBI Forensics Audio, Video and Image Analysis Unit (FAVIAU) in Quantico, VA.  My lab partner at the FBI was Jimmy Schroering whom I had known previously from participation in various forensic organizations.  This internship changed my life, allowing me to transition from Soldier to Civilian. It was also during this time at the FBI that Jimmy and I grew closer which eventually led to our future partnership allowing us to pursue DME Forensics full time.  If it was not for the WTU and the Wounded Warrior Project, DME Forensics would not be what it is today!"

To make your own donation to the WWP click here



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