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DVR Examiner 2.0 Sneak Peak - Previewing

May 8,2017 /

DVR Examiner Updates /


We are excited to release our first Sneak Peak of the upcoming new and improved DVR Examiner 2.0 design and functionality.  We will be focusing on the new Previewing options that will be available in DVR Examiner 2.0.

  • Let’s start with the Video Player.  Starting with 2.0 all video clips will be available for preview utilizing the internal video player.  The new player will be compatible with all preview supported filesystems and will prevent the need to open any external applications to view a clip.
  • The Playback Controls have been expanded to allow for easier searching within a clip. Moving out from the play button:
    • Next/Previous Frame: Allows you to move forward or backward a single frame at a time.
    • Fast Forward/Rewind: Allows you to increase the speed at which the video moves forward or backward.
    • First/Last Frame: Allows you to skip to the first or last frame of the clip.
  • Above the playback controls is the Video Progress Bar which will show the clips progress as well as allow you to search the clip at your desired rate by moving the slider backwards or forwards.
  • In the lower left corner of the preview screen the Timestamp/Frame section will show the current timestamp and frame of the clip being viewed and will update continuously as the clip progresses.
  • To the right of the preview screen is the Sidebar which displays additional clip information and control options for the clip being previewed.
    • The sidebar starts with Basic Clip Information such as the Start and End date for the clip, the Size of the clip, and the Resolution of the clip.
    • Under clip information is a textbox where you can enter Notes specific to the current clip to help you organize and identify the clips you need. This field will automatically save any text you enter as well as automatically update if you decide to open the clip and change it later.
    • Under the notes textbox are the Preview Controls. These options apply to the preview video while in the preview screen. Changes made here do not affect exported video clips.
      • The Add to Export Button will allow you to add the current clip to the export list without having to switch back to the clip list screen.
      • The Overlay Toggle Button will turn the timestamp overlay on and off in the upper left corner of the player window. On all metadata supported filesystems this option will be available regardless of burned in metadata created by the player. If an offset is applied, the overlay will display the user entered offset as well as the original timestamp.
      • The Overlay Position can be controlled by the “Four Corners” button. The Overlay will cycle from each corner of the player window starting in the upper left corner and progressing clockwise around the screen.
      • The Overlay Text Color can be changed to make the timestamp overlay easier to see depending on the color of the video. The three color options will apply to the entirety of the overlay text and selecting a new color will automatically deselect the current color.
      • The Motion Tracker list box will be a list of elevated levels of activity within the video. This will allow the user to skip to points in the video with higher levels of motion making it easier to find the time of interest. Simply double click on a row in the list box and the player will jump to that time in the video.

Preview Tab.png

Want to learn more about 2.0? Sign up for our 2.0 webinar! The webinar will be on May 18th from 9:00-11:00am. During the webinar you will get a sneak preview of the updated look, new features and a chance to as the developers of DVR Examiner all of your questions. Space is limited so make sure to register today. 


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