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DVR Examiner 2.0's Best New Feature

April 1,2017 /

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Have you ever been at the scene of a crime looking to recover video and found the DVR wasn’t recording at that time, or the owner didn’t even have a DVR yet? Have you ever responded to a burglary and just known that the store was going toget robbed again next week?

These problems are now a thing of the past! Introducing DVR Examiner Temporal Decompression created by DME Forensics inhouse mad scientist! mad scientist.jpg

With DVR Examiner Temporal Decompression, you no longer have to worry about pesky things like space & time when recovering video! DVR not recording at the time? Incident hasn’t occurred yet? Cameras didn’t exist yet? It doesn’t matter! By decompressing space & time, DVR Examiner can recover video that was never recorded, or hasn’t been recorded yet!

Simply fire up DVR Examiner, apply the Temporal Decompression algorithm and find the video of your incident.

Please note that DVR Examiner’s Temporal Decompression algorithm is very resource intensive, we recommend having at least an Intel 80286 processor and 8 bytes of memory. Please also be aware that leveraging temporal decompression may cause a rift in the space time continuum allowing a giant fluffy marshmallow man to appear from the sky and ravage your city.













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