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Hello Europe!

August 18,2016 /



DME Forensics Inc. is excited to announce that it has partnered with long time reseller Schippers IT to be our sole distributor for all of Europe! 

Schippers IT has been a reseller of DVR Examiner for quite some time and through that process has become an expert on all things DVR Examiner. As our European Distributor, Schippers IT will develop a network of resellers across Europe and and work with those resellers to help with marketing and technical support for any current or future European end users.

We hope this partnership with Schippers IT will allow us to expand our presence within Europe, and to help provide new ways of recovering CCTV DVRs to government and law enforcement officials across Europe. 

In addition to reselling DVR Examiner, we will be working with Schippers and our reseller network to introduce European-based training classes for the DVR Examiner User Certificiation course. We have had a lot of requests from users in Europe for local training, so be sure to stay tuned for updates on our 2017 training calendar. 


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