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Our Top 3 Blogs of 2017

January 12,2018 /

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Looking back on the past year, we were surprised to find some of our top viewed blog posts from 2017 were published as far back as 2014! Check out these top posts to learn more about what continues to interest the video forensics community.

Forensic Images for DVR Analysis - E01 or DD

In our first blog ever, this post reviews some of the differences between E01 and DD forensic file formats. We discuss the differences between traditional computer drives vs. DVR hard drives, the effects of compression in E01 files, and run a short experiment to see which file saves time when searching.

Video Playback Stuck in VLC?

If you're experiencing trouble with video playback in VLC players, you may be encountering a simple issue where frames are being discarded. We have researched this issue and identified a solution to help you properly view your video files.

Why Traditional Computer Forensics Fails on Embedded DVRs

There are many aspects of a DVR that will not work with traditional computer forensics. This is why we've created DVR Examiner to help save time and money when reviewing DVR video footage. Read more about some of the issues facing computer forensics in this post.


As we move into 2018, what are some of the topics you are most interested in learning more about? We hope you'll continue to find this blog to be a meaningful asset in your forensics work!

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