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Check Out Our New Training Room!

January 26,2017 /

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Good Afternoon Everyone!

We have been busy settling into our new Colorado office and now we are all set to host our first training in 2017! Check out our training room and the 2017 training schedule below.

Training Room 3.jpg


2017 Training Schedule

DVR Examiner User Certification
The DVR Examiner User Certification course is a 3 day course providing training on the use of DVR Examiner. This course will provide instruction on how to use DVR Examiner for the forensic recovery of DVR data as well as providing an introduction into the underlying concepts behind how DVR Examiner works.

 April 3rd - 5th in Golden, Colorado
September 13th - 15th Fredericksburg, Virginia
December 5th - 7th Orange County, California

Vehicle Make-Model Determination
This 4-day course is intended to provide the attendee with a solid workflow and techniques to systematically evaluate submitted images/video to help in the determination of the make/model of the question vehicle. While the benefits of image clarification and more advanced comparison techniques will be discussed, no previous experience in these areas is required. 
November 28th - December 1st - Golden, Colorado

Forensic Analysis of CCTV DVRs
The Forensic Analysis of CCTV DVRs course is designed to highlight the similarities and differences between the examination of a hard drive from a traditional computer and the examination of a hard drive from a surveillance digital video recorder. These devices typically utilize proprietary storage methods not capable of being adequately examined with traditional tools and techniques. Attendees should already be familiar with intermediate traditional computer forensics tools, techniques, and processes.

August 23rd - 25th - Golden, Colorado
iNPUT-ACE Training 
We are excited to announce that iNPUT-ACE will be hosting a training in our office this April! If you are planning on attending our April DVR Examiner User Certification Course, consider staying two more days to take this great training! 
The two day hands-on iNPUT-ACE training course covers every aspect of the digital multimedia workflow: from basic file interrogation techniques, through batch processing and automated report writing.  Students learn core multimedia concepts such as the impact of file formats, codecs, and containers, and progress through advanced multimedia concepts that impact the accurate interpretation of video images.  Through hands-one experience, students also learn how to quickly mark and extract images from proprietary video, build repeatable workflows for processing multimedia files, and become proficient users of iNPUT-ACE: A Dynamic Video Workflow Engine For Law Enforcement.


April 6th-7th in Golden, Colorado


Learn more about our training classes and register today by visiting our training page

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