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DVR Examiner 1.20.1 - Support for EyeMax, JetView, Speco and many other DVRs

March 31,2016 /

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DVR Examiner 1.20.1

Good morning everyone! We have published an update for DVR Examiner which includes support for a lot of new DVRs as well as improvements to existing systems. 

Download DVR Examiner 1.20.1!

  • Added support (including inaccessible data recovery) for the DFS3_264 filesystem commonly found in Eyemax, JetView, and more DVRs
  • Added support for the G2FDbMagic filesystems commonly found in IDIS, Speco, PACOM, and more DVRs

We made updates and improvements to the detection for multiple filesystems as a result of user feedback. With these updates we now detect and support even more DVRs, including those by Digimerge and many other unbranded 'black box' style DVRs. 

We also updated the HIK_264 filesystem to add additional support for larger hard drives. There may still be some issues with certain revisions of this filesystem so please let us know if you encounter any issues when working with the HIK_264 filesystem.

We were also able to handle some odd situations in certain filesystems like ef_JPG (where some image headers were occasionally corrupt), and KSF_dc/KSF_RSF (where some defined clips from the DVR contained no data).

Bugs Resolved

We fixed a handful of bugs in the ef_JPG, pic_mp4, Pictman, and more filesystems. Additionally we included a fix for the drive imaging issue that impacted larger drives. 

DVR Examiner User Survey

Thank you to all of those that participated in the DVR Examiner User Survey! The feedback we received was very benficial and we are using that information to help drive our strategy for DVR Examiner 2.0. 

Thanks for your continued interest and support!

If you have already purchased DVR Examiner or have an active free trial you can download DVR Examiner from our support portal:

Download DVR Examiner 1.20.1!

Otherwise you can start a free trial using the button below!

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